We will provide trought HES stable & lucrative incomes to our investors from a real and stable business.





Hotei Energy B.V. is the first company in the world that conceives its investment and operating capital based on cryptocurrencies, it comes to provide for our investors a safe, bold and innovative tool that it will provide them lucrative returns from a real, stable & modern energy business.

Hotei Energy B.V. understands the high potential of the global crypto market, We offer to sell HES ( Hotei Energy Share Token) to collect funds to hire professionals, buy and develop technology & tools and offer energy services around the world, offering services as:

  • Eco-meters.
  • Drilling, milling and calibration bits.
  • BHA tools.
  • Directional drilling / geosteering.
  • Completion sensors.
  • Drilling and completion pipes.
  • HotOil trucks.
  • Wireline equipment.
  • Coiled tubing equipment.
  • Drilling equipment.
  • Workover equipment.
  • Reservoir studies & project advisoring.

International Copyright & Trademark register

Hotei Energy B.V. project is an extremely serious project; we are the first crypto based energy company with international copyright & trademark registration.

We are legally registered in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg, we have an international trademark registration, which is at the level of the main companies and brands in the world, it is verifiable through en in the “Trademarks / Search Trademarks” section, just by typing in that search engine “hotei energy” you can even get the activities related to our company, something totally unprecedented.

Additionally, our registry is protected under the jurisdiction of the international criminal court of The Hague, so any precautionary measure against me in case of any legal disagreement would be appropriate, in addition to investing in our platform we offer users A digital purchase certificate that works as a guarantee of your investment, is signed by me, and represents the tangible value of the asset acquired, with this document anyone can claim in any court for their investment since it has my sole proprietorship.

Click in the BOIP image to see the register directly in their website.


Hotei in the Media


Token Details & Distribution

  • Token type: Stock Company – Fungible Token (FT).
  • Cost per (01) Hotei Energy Share Token (HES): 1.00 USD
  • Hotei Energy Share Token total volume: 10,000,000.00 HES
  • SoftCap: USD 4,500,000.00
  • HardCap: USD 10,000,000.00
  • Minimum amount to invest per user: USD 25.00
  • Maximum amount to invest per user: USD 9,999.99 (to invest above amount please writte to “[email protected]”)
  • Secure way to purchase tokens: HES registration & payment gateway.
  • Term of token sale: Hotei Energy Share Token will be sold for the period of time required to reach the minimum amount  for the operational and administrative company start , after the start process, Hotei Energy B.V. has a grace period (6 months) to report payments to their investors, next, users be able to reward permanent, stable and profitable earnings from the monthly global billing after the first monthly payment to users, they can request to sell total or partially their share token participation. (Read terms & conditions).

Users must comply with company policies, terms & conditions in order to buy or/and sell HES.

When capital raised will finish collected, it will be invested according to the following graph:

Equipment & tool buying process
Hiring work force
HES expences
Business P'ship
Platform Devt
Research & Development

Affiliate Program - Hotei Energy Share Token (HES)

Use your voice to inspire financial success by becoming a Hotei Energy B.V. Affiliate.

The affiliate link may be used during a token contribution, in the pre-sale. Imagine giving your unique affiliate link to your crypto-friend and he or she contributes tokens using your link, the bonus will be sent to your account automatically.

Hotei Energy B.V. is looking for key opinion leaders and content creators who align with our features, values and mission our unique HES token pre-sale and share with them commission for their contribution.

    1. To be a beneficiary of this program and be able to receive the corresponding benefits, you must successfully complete your KYC verification, otherwise you will lose the entire value received / invested by affiliates.
    2. When you share your affiliate link you can earn 10% commission in HES token for each affiliate that purchases HES token and its fully verified.
    3. The amount of bonuses is limited to 190,000 HES while stock last and per user account will be capped at 5000 HES by all afilliates.

After you were registered, go to “My Tokens”, next you could find a text box with your affiliate URL, there you would access to see more details and your affiliates list.

This offer is limited as well as the number of bonuses to be granted, it does not exceed 1.9% of the hardcap, it will not exceed USD 1,000.00 per investor / affiliate, it will be valid until the stock is exhausted (the entire sale of Hotei Energy Share Token). Certain conditions apply.

Hotei Energy Share Token Coin

“We are excited to partner with like-minded and creative individuals to spread the word about trustworthy, safe and transparents energy business with cryptocurrencies

Our Features

Investment Calculator

Now, you can calculate your investment amount in FIAT currency (USD / EUR) and their equivalent to cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT), the system will give you the result of 3 possible scenarios of net profits to be received by you, Its considering the company only has monthly profits:
  • Stage 1: USD 898,560.00
  • Stage 2: USD 1,123,230.00
  • Stage 3: USD 1,347,840.00
These amounts being distributed among users according to their participation level. Hotei Energy B.V. foresees much more optimistic financial scenarios, however, it is considered that the range of profits during the start-up phase of the project will be around these minimum and maximum values.

Results (Montly/Yearly Earnings) are showed in the currency that previosly you selected.


Monthly Earning

Yearly Earning

8% Global distribution
ROI: 11 Months
  • Minimum percentage of profite distribution for grobal invoicing in a period of one invoiced month.
Stage 1

Monthly Earning

Yearly Earning

10% Global distribution
ROI: 9 Months
  • Medium percentage of profite distribution for grobal invoicing in a period of one invoiced month.
Stage 2

Monthly Earning

Yearly Earning

12% Global distribution
ROI: 7 Months
  • Maximun percentage of profite distribution for grobal invoicing in a period of one invoiced month.
Stage 3

Who can invest with us?

Any person over 18 years old, who has a legible, valid and current identity document, who approves the KYC process and who additionally complies with the following premises:
  • Have no legal record in your country of origin or in any other country. (Online affidavit).
  • Not be a politically exposed person. (Online affidavit).
  • Do not have liens, or mortgages. (Online affidavit).
  • Origin of your investment funds from legal activities (Online sworn statement).
  • Public service invoice, account statement of your TDC of at least 3 months of validity where your name and address are clearly observed.

Taking care our investors

To Hotei Energy B.V. its very important to care our funds and users incomes for this reason, we will share information with the most important world authorities (USA – The Department of the Treasury, UE – European Court of Auditors, INT – Interpol) to insurance to our investors and customers that our funds origins is 100% clear and their invest are safe and bold with us.

We will provide to our subscribers a agreement detailing the regulatory framework and the spectrum of action of their investment. We make up our capital, coming from people who do not have legal antecedents local and internationally, we totally dissociate ourselves from illegal activities (scams, terrorism, corruption, drug trafficking and money laundering), regularly we will publish to the authorities our account statements and origin of funds, in order to communicate security, legality and transparency of our capital.


Nov 11th, 2020
Completion of upstream conceptual engineering of all Project phases
Mar 08th, 2021
Beginning of public offering and sell of Hotei Energy Share Token (HES).
Mar 08th, 2022
Closing of pre-sale process and confirmation of global investment capital.
May 02nd, 2022
Being of the registration process of headquarters and subsidiaries around the world.
May 30th, 2022
Beginning management operation, contact with national operators and global providers simultaneously around the world.
Aug 1st, 2022
Start of purchase of materials and equipment and global hiring of work force.
Sep 5th, 2022
Prarticipation of bidding processes in diferent countries around the world.
Dec 05th, 2022
Operational starting date simultaneous around the world.
Jan 30st, 2023
Closing of first monthly invoice.
Feb 13 th, 2023
First global payment process of sharing earnings to our investors. Beginning of monthly payment cycle.

Our Directory Board

Meet our directory board and team leaders! Click on their pictures and go to Linkedin profile of each one, to know more about their expertise and professional background.

Manuel Orellana

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Nomis Carreno

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Our Team Leaders


Regional Manager – North America


Regional Manager – Latin America


Regional Manager – Europe


Regional Manager – Oceania


Regional Manager – Middle East & Asia


Global Quality & Org. Manager


Tech. Specialist


EU – Business Representant

What is HES?

It is a private, non-mineable crypto token with a finite volume of ten million tokens (10,000,000 HES).

How much is each HES worth?

Each HES is worth one US dollar ($ 1).

Who can buy HES?

Any person over 18 years of age, who completes the identity verification process, who is not a politically exposed person, does not have a legal background, does not have liens, mortgages or is directly or indirectly related to fraud, money laundering, drug traffic and terrorism.

Why KYC?

The KYC (Know Your Customer) is a process of identification and verification of the identity of the participants who wish to be part of our organization, since it applies a series of controls to avoid commercial relationships with people related to terrorism, corruption or money laundering, among others.

The Know Your Customer process consists of verifying that the customer is who they say they are, and in this way giving them title and access to the services or products they want to contract. This verification is carried out through different methods, for this the ID video Validation is used in which the user shows and validates their identity documents, their authenticity and their face, in addition to other biometric tests and checks of security.

What can I buy HES with?

You can acquire HES through BTC, USDT, and ETH.

Where can I buy HES?

Only through in the official Hotei Energy website portal.

When can I buy HES?

Once the pre-sale of the participation shares begins.

What is the HES purchase limit?

Users can buy a minimum of 25 HES and a maximum of 9,999.99 HES. To acquire a greater participation token, user interested should contact our support team. The directory board reserves the right of final admission of the participant.

Does my participation action expire?

No, the participation action does not expire meanwhile user is a member of our participation board.

When will Hotei Energy start operations?

Once the total pre-sale of tokens ends.

When can I sell HES?

The sale of token participation shares will take place six months after the company’s operational start up, its participation will be withdrawal exclusively through the Hotei Energy website. The settlement of funds will take place instantly.

What are the benefits of HES?

Posses a certain amount of tokens will make you a creditor of dividends and monthly returns generated by billing and / or provision of Hotei Energy Services services, according to your level of participation.

How often will the payments be?

Payments will be made monthly according to the global billing surplus of the company.

How is Hotei Energy related to BlockChain?

Our participation actions will be public through the BlockChain platform, we will use this infrastructure to provide fully transparent and auditable information of all our movements, additionally in this way we will use in the future the administration, management and control of contracts of all our operations in conjunction with the standards managed by the energy industry and conventional quality regulations.

How are HES benefits calculated?

After honoring the regular commitments for taxes, monthly salary of our workers, maintenance and investment of the company, the excess dividends established as community will be paid in full to the holders of participation shares. The settlement would be carried out according to the following scheme: user earnings = Global surplus for billing concept *% stake acquired.

How will my HES winnings be settled?

According to the level of participation acquired by each user, the corresponding amount will be settled periodically and regularly through stableCOINS in your user account, said balance may be withdrawn at your discretion immediately once it is available in your account, without limits or restrictions.

What means will be used to pay HES returns?

Official payment gateway, stable COINS or International Prepaid MasterCard card.

When can I withdraw or use my generated income?

Immediately notice them available in your account balance.

What is Hotei Energy's future projection?

Hotei Energy plans to project itself in the world as the first energy services and operator company with digital capital, however, it is contemplated in our roadmap to include the company in the conventional stock market in the medium term to strengthen the presence in the market of this company .

Where is Hotei Energy?

Hotei Energy is a Dutch company, incorporated, registered and regulated under EU regulations, it has a Branch.

Is Hotei Energy legal?

Hotei Energy has real visible faces, for which it is absolutely responsible for the follow-up and accompaniment of its investors, in turn, it will issue its participants a digital participation contract, which is encrypted and has the necessary legal framework to be valid. through the international and local legal system of your country.




It’s very important to know, solve and reply your questions, please, feel free to contact us and ask everything you need to know.

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